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Who We Are

We are an interactive design agency based in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in creating and developing dynamic websites and applications tailored to meet your business needs. Our team will guide and advise you towards the optimal web strategy, ensuring it aligns with your clientele and business goals. Passionate and dedicated, we genuinely care about you and your business.

Discovery Process

Our projects are divided into two phases. The first phase, Discovery, is our opportunity to deeply understand your business, its challenges, and your customers. Often, what customers think they need and what they actually need are not the same. By the end of the Discovery phase, we clearly identify the problems to be solved and develop a strategic plan outlining our recommended solutions—what we call the “Blueprint”.

Implementation Process

Once we have a defined plan and solution, we move into agile development mode. We design and build with frequent check-ins to ensure alignment with your vision. We build quickly, test, adapt, and iterate. As the project evolves, we maintain open communication to keep you informed, propose options, and discuss solutions, all while keeping the project on track and you in control.

Our strength

Meet Our Team

Where the two sides of the brain collide, we push the status quo and create jaw-dropping results. Our most celebrated strengths are collaboration, clear thought and action, steadfast strategy, and stellar creativity.

Pascal Assaleh

Founder / President

Anthony Ronai

Development Director

Mickael Legault

Senior Digital Strategist

Juguerta Ait Khaled

Web Designer / Developer

Our clients

They Trust Us

We’ve had the pleasure of working with large brands with vast reach, as well as innovative small businesses and organizations serving specific niche needs. Like these inventive organizations, we put our hearts, minds, and souls into every solution we craft. We enjoy working in close partnership with our clients, and these collaborations often evolve into long-lasting relationships.

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